About HIMA High School

The bell rings, breaking the monotony of today. Yet again, the teachers are complaining, the students are making a ruckus, and I am bored out of my mind. Will you join me? Take my hand and we can make life a little more interesting.

5000 NFTs generated on the Cardano Network, all with their unique looks and traits. A project that aims to bring something unique to the space, focusing on community, art, and something a little more tangible. With everyday life being as boring as it is, we welcome you to join our class. Pick up the pen and paper, I promise you it'll be fun.

The HIMA Mindset

HIMA is a project that aims to break the normalcy of everyday life. Our goal is to bring back the good ol' days that are now long gone for most of us or to give people an opportunity for a second chance. The eagerness to meet our friends, everyone wanting to leave their mark on the world, this is HIMA.

HIMA, noted by the Japanese kanji for “Bored, or with free time”, we felt was the perfect representation for our project. We want to create an environment where everybody knows everybody. A place where everybody wants to stand out, and fit in. To us, there was no place that fit that description more than highschool. As one, we aim to grow together any way we want, wherever we want, whenever we want. We're here. We're bored. And we're changing that.

HIMA Hall Pass

Holders of the HIMA Hall Pass will receive 3 whitelist spots for HIMA NFTs, 0.2x multiplier when responding to Bento's Bot, 1 Rep per day, exclusive whitelist giveaways, airdrops from future collaboration works and also exclusive items in the Rep Shop.

Policy ID : 321717eeb2a65153aa32185c600936d0a6f7e5d211caa5c94c7f97fe



Attendance Bot

The Attendance Bot marks your daily attendance to ensure that you are present for school. It keeps track of how many days you are present per week as well as your full attendance based on the first time you mark your attendance. The Bot also rewards the student 10 Reps for every 10 days streak.

!present - mark your attendance
!attendance - view total attendance scores

Bento's Bot

Bento's Bot randomly sends a message in the assembly hall every 7-15 minutes. The first person who responds to the Bot gains 1 Rep. Holding a Hall Pass adds a multiplier of 0.2x, this stacks up to a total of 10 times (3x multiplier).

There are different versions of Bento's Bot:
Green (beginner) - only students under 100 Reps can answer.
Blue (normal) - all students are able to answer.
Red (evil) - answering will lead to a deduction of Reps.

Rep shop

Students will be able to purchase items from the Rep Shop using the Reps they have acquired. The shop will also be updating throughout the project, bringing new and exciting items as time goes by.


Non Fungible Tokens on the Cardano Blockchain.

22, 23 July 2022

35/45 ADA

5,000 HIMA NFTs will be minted.

Owning a Hall Pass or being a Scholar/Honour Roll student in our Discord.

We have a 5% royalty on our Hall Pass and 7% royalty on our HIMA NFTs. The funds will go directly back into the project with a small portion going to team.





Co-founder & Lead developer




Marketing & Project manager